Special campaigns require a special presentation. Not only the campaign itself must be well planned and thought out, but also the product presentation and thus the packaging on the supermarket shelf must stand out and function as a silent salesman – because almost 70% of sales decisions are made at the sales shelf.

For more exclusivity and uniqueness

By using HP Mosaic, unlimited design variations can be created with just one basic design, making every package unique. Many individual image sections are automatically generated. This creates countless different designs, none of which is the same as the next. Up to 1 million variations can be generated with the software.

There are almost no limits to the creation of the design, it can be freely determined whether the complete packaging or only small details are designed with HP Mosaic. It is also possible to create combinations with other techniques, such as name personalisation, finishing, embossing and much more. HP Mosaic technology gives every consumer a unique packaging design. Campaigns are revolutionised and take on a whole new level of exclusivity and uniqueness. This technology is ideal for special editions, limited editions and special occasions such as Beer Day, Valentine’s Day or even the 2021 European Football Championship.

Curious now?

We are happy to support you with your Mosaic campaign. From design planning and printing to packaging and shipping, we are at your disposal. We would also be happy to send you our sample box incl. Mosaic samples, just send us an email to info@designyourpackaging.de. We look forward to your enquiry.

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