There’s no dispute that packaging-free products are the most sustainable solution. However, many products require packaging – be it to protect the goods, to transport them better, or even for longer shelf life. To make your products as environmentally friendly as possible, choose sustainable packaging.

Sustainable product packaging consists of recyclable and renewable raw materials. Climate-neutral packaging has the smallest CO2 footprint possible and is characterised by lean production processes and short supply chains. This makes solid-cardboard packaging exactly the right choice. Cardboard is not only renewable, but also recyclable and biodegradable.

As a responsible company that has always been committed to sustainability, we are your perfect partner for sustainable packaging. We would be happy to advise you on all aspects of sustainable packaging.

Cardboard is recyclable

For many years, folding boxes – including with coating or glued windows – have been disposed of and recycled with waste paper, thereby providing the basis for new products made with paper or cardboard.

The circular economy is an extremely reliable solution, where recyclable products play a key role. This means that the materials used for products are already taken into account in the design process and are always taken into consideration until the very end of a product’s life. When we aim for a circular economy, even before production it is clear what will happen to raw materials and resources after their normal life cycle.

Sustainably protect forests.

The cardboard for producing folding boxes is 100% produced from wood fibre and cellulose (or from recycled waste paper), which are renewable, non-fossil raw materials.

In Europe, these raw materials are exclusively sourced from sustainable and mostly certified forestry (FSC, PEFC). Above all, this means that no tropical rainforests are destroyed to produce the box. Sources used include thinning wood, sawmill by-products and plantation wood. Plus, the area of forest used does not decrease annually, in fact it grows – and by an area equivalent to 1.5 million football pitches.

Creating balance with ClimatePartner.

The issue of climate change demands foresight in the way we do business. With CO2-compensated packaging, you can demonstrate exemplary sustainable action and also position yourself as a future-oriented company.

In packaging, ‘climate-neutral’ means that greenhouse-gas emissions are calculated accurately and offset by purchasing emission allowances. We use a ClimatePartner CO2 calculator that has been tested by TÜV Austria and is internationally recognised, putting us in a position to determine the remaining CO2 emissions from packaging production, both on an order-specific basis and for our entire process chain. This calculation complies with the requirements of ISO standard 16759. For compensated packaging orders, you will receive the label ‘climate-neutral – packaging’ with your individual ID number. The additional expense for climate-neutral packaging amounts to approx. 2% of the order value, depending on the product specification.


CO2 emissions

Compensate unavoidable emissions