We strive to make a positive impact on the environment and society through continuous innovation, while setting the highest quality standards in our industry. The awards we have received underline our commitment to sustainable development and pioneering change in the packaging industry.

Production technology

  • 99% of our material transportation is automated. Use of: vertical conveyors, transverse sliding carriages, self-driving transport vehicles, and palletising robots.

  • eCommerce platform on which customers can scale packaging to the millimetre, design it themselves and initiate the ordering process independently.

    The workflow (data processing, sheet division, overfilling, production data generation, data export to machines) is 100% digital.

Scientific research

  • In our quest for more environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional packaging materials, we have tested the Silphie plant as a potential source of energy and therefore as a sustainable alternative to cardboard. The long plant fibers can be extracted and used as a virgin fiber alternative in the manufacture of paper products. This plant is attracting more and more attention in the agricultural and environmental sectors due to its benefits. Our test results were very promising, which is why we are continuing to pursue the idea of purchasing this alternative.

We are excellent.

  • TOP 100 Innovator, 2024
  • Top Company kununu, 2024
  • 1A training company IHK, 2024
  • Druck&Medien Awards in the category Packaging Printer of the Year, 2023
  • TOP 100 Innovator, 2021
  • Druck&Medien Awards in the category most innovative company of the year, 2021
  • 1A training company IHK, 2020