The past few years have been marked by extraordinary challenges. We are all aware of the dynamic environment we live in. Our times are characterised by constant, fast-paced change.

As a future-oriented, sustainable and innovative family business, we are excellently equipped for change processes. With a responsible approach to people and the environment, we always face the challenges of tomorrow with an open mind and a broad perspective. Our packaging makes forward-thinking visions a reality. As a family business, we are constantly working on our capacity for innovation in order to be able to act successfully and sustainably in the future.

Production technology

  • 99% of our material transportation is automated. Use of: vertical conveyors, transverse sliding carriages, self-driving transport vehicles, and palletising robots.

  • E-commerce platform where customers can scale packaging down to the millimetre, design it themselves, and start the ordering process independently. Workflow (data processing, sheet division, overcrowding, production data generation, data export to machines) is 100% digital.

Ongoing investments

  • Compacting the production hall and constructing a fully automated shelf warehouse to store and retrieve semi-finished products.

  • • Capacity expansion of around 25% from compacting our production hall P1 as well as our acquisition of a new printing and punching machine in spring 2022. The new machines are not only intended to increase the volume of orders, however, but also to create new jobs. As a result of our expansion, we expect to create 65 new positions in the company by 2028.

Environmental technology


Top Innovator 2021.

In 2021, we were awarded the Print & Media Award 2021 for ‘Most Innovative Company of the Year’ for our capacity for innovation. Since 2005, print and media service providers have been applying for the Print & Media Award every year in various competition categories. The additional award ceremony of the Print & Media Awards for outstanding achievements has been an annual highlight in the industry for many years now. colordruck Baiersbronn was able to convince the jury and was awarded first prize in the category ‘Most Innovative Company of the Year’. Back in the summer of 2021, we received the TOP-100 seal for outstanding innovation.