We are a medium-sized family business and are among Europe’s technology leaders as a packaging service provider. Our PACKAGING PRODUCTION, PACKAGING DIGITAL and PACKAGING SERVICE divisions, in combination with our innovative technologies, our employees’ wide-ranging expertise and our certified quality, make us a dependable partner for discerning manufacturing brands and industrial companies. Apply for one of our enticing job offers now and take the next step on your successful career path.

What propels us forward

A new career stage always marks a significant milestone in life – full of new opportunities, challenges and insights into previously unknown worlds. At colordruck Baiersbronn, we make this transition particularly smooth. Our optimal framework conditions create the ideal conditions for you to gain numerous positive experiences in your new job and to turn the initial challenges into your dream job.

In line with the principle of challenge and support, we lay the foundations for a trusting working relationship. We can count on each other in this partnership-based relationship. We look forward to welcoming you as an employee and attach particular importance to developing mutual and long-term relationships.


Real voices

Find out what our employees and applicants think about us and see us from the perspective of those who know us best. From honest and authentic experiences to valuable insights – our Kununu reviews offer you a unique look behind the scenes.

Jürgen Kilgus

HR Manager

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Claudia Becker

Training Manager

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