The packaging market is constantly developing at a rapid pace. With innovative technologies, the vast know-how of our approximately 300 qualified employees, and our company’s more than 60 years of experience, we not only keep up with this pace, but also repeatedly set special accents and new standards with a comprehensive range of cross-industry packaging solutions of the highest quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Supplemented by an industry-specific service, we are therefore today one of the technology leaders in Europe as a packaging service provider.


Analogue printing and finishing


Digital printing and finishing


Packaging and Fullfilment

Certified quality creates trust.

Expressive packaging is one thing, maximum hygiene and safe packaging solutions, which for example the strict food and drug laws as well as the high demands of pharmaceutical manufacturers require down to the last detail, are another. Our certifications document the special quality demands we place on ourselves and create a basis of trust for long-term business relationships. In addition, these certifications reflect our continuous value improvements and further developments.

Consciously lived values move.

Sustainable, cooperative, flexible. – These values not only enjoy the highest priority with us, but are also lived and cultivated on a daily basis. Our greatest endeavor is to take efficient measures in order to be able to consider ecological, social and economic aspects in equal measure. We do not see our value system as a rigid construct, but rather as a dynamic and mutable one that is mutually dependent and drives each other.

Eco? – logical!
Our ecological responsibility.

As a responsible company that describes “sustainable” as its value proposition, we feel a special obligation to nature. We have recognized our duty and protect nature by combining ecologically compatible business with sustainable production.

Heat recovery
Emission savings by biomass heating plant
Solar modules
Green electricity from renewable energies