We are passionate about the environment, so we always produce our packaging very economically and work in an environmentally friendly way. This gives our customers maximum effectiveness and efficiency. For example, we exclusively use solid cardboard in order to guarantee top-quality packaging.

Our packaging production is focused on offset and digital printing production, and our full range of services includes digital pre-press, printing, punching and gluing, as well as individual logistics.

offset printing machines
digital printing machine
hot embossing machine
punching machines
laser punching and scoring machine
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Our range of services in the field of packaging production

  • Fibre-based and sustainable packaging made of solid cardboard

  • Everything from a single source: digital pre-press, printing, punching, gluing, and individual logistics solutions for your needs!

  • Both offset and digital printing possible

  • Punching also possible without punching tool

  • Maximum hygiene standards and high process reliability

  • Certified with ‘5S Excellent’ seal in production and administration

Certified quality builds trust.

We attach great importance to hygiene and process reliability across the entire production process: We are legally obliged to do so in lots of industries but, even more importantly, we demand it of ourselves. We meet these requirements using the latest technologies, including self-driving transport systems (also known as AGVs).

Various certifications, including the Global Standard for Packaging – the BRC, underline our expertise and our process reliability in the fields of HACCP, hygiene, food safety, and quality systems. The BRC standard is also recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a programme aimed at synchronising international food safety standards that is supported by the world’s major retailers and food manufacturers. We are therefore committed to consumer safety around the world and we guaranteethe highest standards in safety for our customers’ products.

‘5S Excellent’ seal in production and administration.

We have also taken on a pioneering role by being awarded the DQS CFS GmbH ‘5S Excellent’ seal for production and administration, which we received in November 2015 as the first company in the printing industry in Germany. 5S is a highly effective tool to make workplaces and their surroundings safe, clean and clear. 5S is a basic method to make processes faster and more efficient.