Out of conviction, we always produce our packaging very economically and act in an environmentally friendly way. Our customers thus receive the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency. This includes, for example, that we rely on solid board for our packaging with a view to high quality. Maximum quality is the foundation for a long-term and successful partnership.

As colordruck Baiersbronn, we develop and produce unique packaging solutions and sustainable concepts together with our partners. With our almost limitless production as well as fulfilment possibilities, we are happy to develop the right concept for your needs.

Some of our packaging options.

  • Packaging with vision panel

  • Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps

  • Folding boxes with a push-in base

  • Folding boxes with an automatic base

  • Folding boxes with a machine base

  • Bottle packaging

  • Gable-top package

  • Banderoles

  • Folding packaging

  • Rosette packaging

  • Safety lock

  • Slipcase

  • Folding box with euro hole

  • Hinged-lid packaging

  • Packaging with inside bag

  • Pillow packs

  • Blister caps

  • Postal envelopes

  • Special builds

For a world worth living in.

Scarcity of natural resources, global warming and rising energy costs require a global rethink, and force each and every one of us to act in a more resource-efficient way. As a responsible company that describes its value proposition as ‘sustainability’, we have a special commitment to nature. We see it as our task to protect nature by combining environmentally friendly farming with sustainable production.

Position products precisely.

Every industry has different requirements when it comes to packaging. With our team of experts and comprehensive industry know-how, we can provide you with a multifaceted range of technically sophisticated packaging solutions of the highest quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness.

If you have an exciting task, we will be happy to develop customised solutions for you with our service and many years of experience in packaging development.

Our service is characterised by a high level of expertise and creativity, many years of experience as well as the implementation and monitoring of production tests. In addition, you will receive samples on the carton quality we have defined together.