In the history of colordruck Baiersbronn, values have always been and continue to be the basis of our decisions and actions: sustainable management, maximum flexibility and close cooperation.

Not only are these values our number-one priority, we also live them and nurture them every single day. Our greatest ambition is to take effective measures in order to be able to give equal consideration to environmental, economic and social aspects. Our value system isn’t rigid – it’s a dynamic and changeable construct, with mutually dependent factors that drive each other. It’s fundamental in determining our identity and embodies what defines us and clearly distinguishes us from other companies. Especially in times of rapid change in our markets and technologies, we are able to build on a strong foundation and make the most of additional potential.


We feel greatly indebted to the environment and society. Success factors including customer orientation, innovation and commitment have had a decisive impact on us. We rely on positive, trusting, mutually successful and long-term relationships in our way of doing business.


The possibilities in the packaging industry are practically limitless. Only if we question what’s familiar and have the courage to venture into new worlds can we fully meet customers’ individual requirements. We pave new paths, and involve our customers and business partners in our ideas.


Mutually positive relationships with customers, employees and business partners form the essential basis for a successful business in the long term. Not only business cooperation, but also commitment, trust, respect, appreciation and gratitude play a crucial role>