Scarcity of natural resources, global warming and soaring energy costs require a global rethink, and force each and every one of us to act in a more resource-efficient way.

As a responsible company that describes its value proposition as ‘sustainability’, we have a special commitment to nature. We recognise our duty and are protecting nature by combining environmentally friendly business with sustainable production.

Cardboard is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials of all. We use cardboard made from recycled material as well as primary-fibre cardboard – including from responsibly managed forests, if required. Cardboard packaging can also be fed into the recycling process without any problems.

At colordruck Baiersbronn, we have always placed great value on harmonising environmental aspects with the company’s processes.

green electricity from renewable energy sources
solar modules
emission savings from biomass heating plant
Heat recovery

Demonstrably helping the environment.

Always one sustainable packaging step ahead.

We have chosen ‘sustainability’ as our corporate discipline. Our Sustainability Report 2023 summarises the main environmental, civic and social developments in our company. Its content reflects the material challenges of sustainable development that are relevant to our business activities.