A company can only be as good as its employees. We are acutely aware of our social responsibility. An ergonomic working environment increases motivation and is beneficial to our employees’ health. Because they carry a large proportion of the company’s success in their hands every day.

As a local company committed to the environment, the well-being of our local area is very important to us. Here, too, social involvement is one of our top priorities. We regularly support social projects with donations.

Social figures.

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HR policy.

For us, responsibility means giving social concerns equal priority in our business decisions. With 284 employees, colordruck Baiersbronn is a key industrial employer in the local region. We are deeply rooted in our community, and it is not only for this reason that we are acutely aware of our social responsibility. Our employees are our most valuable asset – they support the company and its success. Our task is to sustainably position the company as an attractive employer brand and to actively prove this.

Social involvement.

Being able to support social projects with our donations is particularly important to us. For years, we have been committed to the well-being of everyone who lives in the local region with us. Taking on social responsibility is part of modern-day corporate discipline for us. Donations for a good cause are not just a morally commendable fad – they are absolutely necessary to push social issues forward.

colordruck Baiersbronn donates to Herzenssache e.V.

By giving up their remaining vacation time, our employees managed to raise 2,413.86 euros for refugee children from Ukraine […]


colordruck Baiersbronn supports Herzklopfen e.V.

Shareholders present donation check in the amount of 15,000 euros. This association has set itself the goal of […]

Social cohesion is rewarded

colordruck Baiersbronn hands over a cheque for 1,500 euros to the Mitteltal trombone choir […]