Production volumes per order have been decreasing steadily for years, and high-performance packaging manufacturers are having to innovate more and more.

Mass customisation – in other words, customer-specific mass production – makes it possible for companies to bring products to the market in large numbers with individually printed patterns. If required, every item can be unique. Customised packaging is popular for start-ups, mock-ups, tests, trade fair samples, market launches, advertising products, seasonal packaging and, finally, product launches starting from just one item.

Our eye-catchers..

Strong performance for the packaging solutions of tomorrow.

Through our online shop, we offer packaging for your requirements starting from a quantity of just one – for all orders, we always pay attention to efficient time-to-market processes.

In 2016, we installed new, innovative digital printing presses that boast a range of impressive technical highlights. These machines allowed us to seriously scale up our pioneering role in the field of mass customisation. Concepts like ‘packaging on demand’ can also be implemented with sustainability in mind. This allows our customers to order packaging in our online shop, including in small batch sizes with fast delivery times, reducing storage costs and potential waste to a minimum.

  • First-rate expertise

  • Individual packaging starting from a quantity of one

  • Web-to-pack

  • Packaging on demand

  • Express service

  • Reduced storage costs

Customisation and custom scalability.

Our online shop is the digital and superbly convenient answer to the growing demand for more individuality, originality, functionality, flexibility, transparency and mobility. With our customisable and scalable packaging, we are setting completely new standards in terms of packaging design.