Our new trainees get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere during raft building and archery.

The raft building

On the second day, team building was on the agenda for our new trainees and their department heads. The first step was to head for the Schwarzenbach dam. After arriving at the event site, two teams were formed. Afterwards, both teams received appropriate building materials from the responsible guide. The task was to build a raft that would not sink after processing all the building materials. The whole thing, of course, without instructions. After the first joint tinkering, brainstorming, consultation, discussion and sketching, the competition got underway – which raft would be able to withstand the water? The prerequisite for participation in the competition: the naming of the rafts including a self-designed flag. So it was soon clear that the “colourful villains” would compete against the “seahorse”. With a lot of enthusiasm and motivation, but also with a lot of shared laughter, the two rafts were completed and carried to the shore. Everyone was rewarded with stable rafts. Thus, everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful lake in dry clothes and great weather.

The archery

Then we moved on to the next event station. Here, our raft builders were first treated to a little refreshment at a live cooking station outside: Plenty of tarte flambée – in all variations – as well as drinks of their choice. In a relaxed atmosphere, the new trainees and the instructors were able to get to know each other better. With new energy, they continued with archery. Some of the trainees proved to be real natural talents. After the award ceremony, they headed back to Baiersbronn for the weekend.

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