A fully automated process with a Heidelberg Suprasetter and a Beil folding & sorting line.

The new HEIDELBERG Suprasetter 106 with Auto Palletloader and automatic folding line has been in operation in our prepress department for several weeks now. Thanks to the automation, we have been able to increase our prepress productivity by more than 30% per hour. After imaging in the HEIDELBERG Suprasetter 106, the printing plate is fed directly into the folding line, automatically folded and then placed on the 6 pallet trolleys according to the order.

The reduction in loading processes and the user-friendly loading of the printing plates from the pallet loader, as well as the reduction in manual touchpoints due to the elimination of manual sorting and folding of the printing plates, pleases our team every day. In addition, the annual saving of more than 600,000 litres of water per year and 100% reduction of hazardous substances while minimising the fire load are further advantages.

The advantages with high environmental relevance at a glance:

  • Achievement of a remarkable water saving of over 600,000 litres per year
  • Minimisation of the risk of accidents at work
  • 100% reduction in hazardous substances
  • Our plate production capacity increases by over 30% per hour
  • 100% elimination of printing plate developer and printing plate fixer
  • Reduction of the fire load

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