VfR Klosterreichenbach hosted the 30th village tournament from 3 – 6 January 2024. On the agenda were 4 days of pure football in the Klosterreichenbach sports hall with non-active, active and company teams.

Once again this year, colordruck Baiersbronn took part in the tournament with 2 teams. The sports hall in Klosterreichenbach once again provided the perfect setting.

After exciting and competitive matches, the colordruck 1 team remained unbeaten after the preliminary round and was able to reach the intermediate round in 2nd place in the group. The colordruck 2 team also gave their best – but despite a good performance, they were unfortunately unable to qualify for the intermediate round.

In the play-off game to reach the semi-finals, the colordruck 1 team impressed across the board and reached the semi-finals with an impressive 5:0 victory over SHW-Fire (forging technology), which they also narrowly won in a nine-metre shoot-out against “Theurer’s schnelle Trup-pe”. The final was a rematch against the “Eldec Induction” team, which had ended in a 1:1 draw in the preliminary round. In the final, however, our players showed all their skills and won the tournament with a commanding 5:0 victory.

We would like to congratulate both teams on their outstanding performances and the places they achieved. We would also like to thank all the spectators for their support and motivation from the sidelines.

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