The Johannes Gaiser School in Baiersbronn is delighted to have received a generous donation in kind for the benefit of its pupils and teachers. At the request of the school, we donated a water dispenser with an initial supply of drinking bottles.

The initiative for this donation came from the Johannes Gaiser School itself, which recognised the need for a water dispenser for its facilities. Mr Balle from the Werkrealschule and our Head of Human Resources, Mr Kilgus, therefore held discussions about the implementation of the donation, which was ultimately presented to the shareholders and management internally and approved.

Although the order was placed quickly, there was an unexpected delay of around 10 months in delivery from the supplier. To bridge this time, the school was provided with a loaner.

To ensure that the pupils can benefit from our contribution immediately, we donated an initial supply of reusable drinking bottles to the school in addition to the water dispenser. The Baiersbronn municipal utilities are also involved in this project and ensure that the school can benefit from the donation in the long term by covering the service costs.

As well as ensuring that the pupils have access to free water at all times, it also promotes a healthy and sustainable learning environment. The use of reusable bottles also helps to raise environmental awareness and conserve resources in the long term.

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