Successful award as a KLIMAfit company after participating in the support programme.

Since July last year, we have been taking part in the KLIMAfit funding programme in the Ludwigsburg district in order to independently draw up our greenhouse gas balance sheet and make progress in climate management. Together with five other companies, we took part in workshops and received comprehensive advice from the company Arqum. In March, we successfully passed all the requirements and received our certificate of completion at the official closing event on Wednesday. We were thus officially recognised as a KLIMAfit company.

The programme comprised a total of four workshops in large groups, three individual appointments, a commission examination and a closing event. One of the main components of the programme was the topic of ‘mobility’. Through group work, exchange of experiences and informative presentations by outstanding speakers, we were able to learn a lot about electromobility, climate protection in municipalities and flight emissions. Another focus was on “electricity and heat”, where we analyzed and optimized energy flows, balanced renewable energies and presented an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247. These topics were supplemented by presentations on load profile management, metering systems and the utilisation of waste heat in industrial companies.

With the completion of the programme and the award as a KLIMAfit company, we have taken an important step towards more sustainable business practices.

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