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New mission statement of the Freudenstadt District Office

"Panta rhei Everything flows" the insight of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus seems more relevant than ever before. Seldom have we had to react to so many fundamental changes. Rapid change, advancing digitalisation and restlessness are constantly presenting our actions and thoughts with new challenges.

We experience everything around us as less graspable and tangible. In a fast-moving and almost liquefied present, we therefore seek more and more support in things that guide us and convey clear values. The Freudenstadt District Office has translated this new zeitgeist into its new mission statement in an extraordinarily creative and vivid way. In order to implement the twelve newly defined guiding principles with the motto "Together. For the people. Shaping the future", a dodecahedron was created and implemented by us as a packaging service provider. In keeping with the overall concept, the dodecahedron was produced in a climate-neutral digital printing process.

Customer:     District Office Freudenstadt
Project:         New mission statement
Printing:        Digital printing climate-neutral

Feedback from Sarah Schauer,
Head of Department II Social Affairs | Youth | Integration | Health
at the Freudenstadt District Office:

"colordruck Baiersbronn was the right partner for us in implementing our new mission statement. The responsible family business from the region also lives by a clearly defined value system and pays particular attention to ecological concerns. The high-quality production of a CO2-compensated dodecahedron was particularly important for us".

If you would like to know more about printing climate-neutral packaging or are interested in our in-house solutions, please contact us.

The 12-page cube impressively illustrates the 12 guiding principles of the Freudenstadt District Office.
Sarah Schauer from the District Office at the handover of the dodecahedron with Martin Weisenburger, eBusiness Manager at colordruck Baiersbronn

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