The basis must be perfect in order to bring unique ideas to life as they were envisioned. For us this means that the first step in packaging production is always carried out without room for error –  the entire process can then move forward seamlessly. Maximum quality is the basis for our packaging.  

We believe in consistently producing our packaging economically and acting ecologically to provide our customers with the highest degree of effectiveness and efficiency. This includes making use of solid board to ensure high quality. Our packaging production process is aimed at offset and digital printing and our A to Z service spectrum includes the digital pre-print stage, printing, cutting and creasing, and gluing along with individual logistics.

We place great value on the highest degree of hygiene in every detail throughout the entire production process: we are legally required to do so in many sectors – these even set the demands for us themselves. We implement these demands with the latest technologies, which include driverless transport systems.       

Last but not least, our certifications are proof of the outstanding qualities of our packaging production. Our company was the first in Europe to be certified for hygiene management according to BRC/loP (Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials) in 2004, which was repeatedly confirmed in the past years. This demonstrates that our hygiene management is dedicated to the highest standards – in the area of packaging production as well as packaging services. Personal hygiene, hygiene stations and microbiological inspections done by external laboratories guarantee the highest level of safety for our customers’ products. 

We also assumed a pioneering role when we were awarded with the 5S Excellent seal for production and administration, which we received in November 2015 – the first recipient in Germany. 5S is an effective instrument for making the workplace and its environment safe, clean and uncluttered. By way of standardized processes, we are able to work faster and more efficiently, allowing us, for example to decrease production cycle times for individual contracts as well as to accelerate the creation and processing of orders. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Top-quality creativity and expertise
  • Plotter samples on original printing substrate
  • Implementation and support of production tests
  • 3D images
  • 3D animations

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