The complex world of packaging development is gaining more and more significance due to the constant growth in customer demands. Our creative team develops special packaging solutions in our idea workshop –  they consider both budget as well as product quality as cornerstones of the development phase from the very beginning.

Foods or confectioneries, pharmaceutical products or cosmetics, textiles or toys, lighting, construction materials, home & garden, stationary, IT, chemicals or handcrafts: every sector has its very own set of characteristics. Certain products have to be presented on retail shelves, others are placed in the limelight at a POS or and some have to immediately impress end customers when receiving an online order. A subtle detail or even a unique, individual design can prove important. 

We offer to a diverse array of sectors, always offering the right packaging solutions to stir emotions and increase sales. With food packaging, chocolates packaging, medication packaging, industrial packaging or other specialized types of packaging, we target the specific needs of our customers. We identified new trends early, such as food-to-go packaging and organic packaging for foods, and are constantly expanding our range of products and solutions.

The perfected packaging solution is the result of an impeccable combination of graphic services and structural packaging design. We use the most modern CAD technology to generate data for creating plotter samples on original printing material and 3D animations, as templates for design as well as a basis for the final production process.   

We consider the maximal degrees of hygiene and safety such as those required by the strict laws governing food and medicine and the high demands laid out by pharmaceutical producers.

Our services at a glance:

  • Top-quality creativity and expertise
  • Plotter samples on original printing substrate
  • Implementation and support of production tests
  • 3D images
  • 3D animations

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