• Orange spot coating
  • Silver hot foil stamping
  • Relief varnish
  • Gold hot foil stamping
  • High-relief embossing

Packages have a magical effect.

75 % of purchasing decisions are made directly at the place of purchase. The special appeal of brilliant and refined packaging optimizes sales chances and promotes impulse purchases.

Products with distinctive packaging work like magic in the hands of buyers, and fragrant refinements lock customers in. Our exclusive packaging solutions featuring a very multifaceted spectrum have proven themselves as revenue maximizers – whether accented with embossing, fragrance, bright colors or shimmer.


Accentuate packages in a brilliant way.

Whether matt or gloss, partial or full-surface – colordruck offers a wide range of high quality coatings. Particularly appealing effects can be achieved with matt/gloss combinations. A deliberate gloss reduction results in a completely different focus. A finely matted surface conveys an extravagant appearance and opens new horizons for graphic design options.

Gloss/matt combination
Matt/gloss combination



Effect coatings clearly outperform special print colours in opacity, brilliance as well as in the overall result. The perfect interaction of printing motif and effect coating is essential. colordruck not only guarantees impressively brilliant results, we also offer a wide range of eye-catching methods.


Drip-off coating is an exceptionally efficient method for achieving optical and haptic effects. The final inking unit delivers matt oil print varnish to the desired position of the printing substrate. This is then coated with a high gloss varnish. This drips off precisely where the matt coating was previously applied. Hence the name "drip off". What remains is a tangible, glossy element on a matt surface. The inline method  allows extremely fine contours and precisely matching screen vignettes to be created.

This can be used to generate a range of optical effects and gives the packaging another dimension with a greater depth effect and interesting structures. They ultimately improve the advertising effectiveness at the point of sale.


The sense of smell is a sense that has a lasting impact and a strong influence on our subconscious. We provide an extensive range of scented coatings. Even your individual scent is possible. Packaging can smell of a certain type of fruit, spice or plant or of summer or winter. Scented coatings contain micro-encapsulated scents and can be applied to certain areas. The micro-capsules open when the scented coating is lightly rubbed and allow the fine aromas can unleash their full potential.

Partial scented coating


Relief varnish – often also referred to as water drop varnish or pseudo embossing varnish – allows fantastic three-dimensional effects to be achieved. Besides its optical effect, it also provides an unusual touch experience. Relief varnishes are high-relief applications, with a similar effect to high-relief embossing, and provide tangible accents without any detectable visible structures on the rear side. 

The raised coatings are available in a transparent form as well as for matt and gloss effects.

Packaging – perfectly shaped with aesthetically pleasing relief varnishes – is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and delight the eye of the beholder. 

Relief varnish combined with high-relief embossing.




Eye-catching high-relief embossing allows content, text as well as logos to be perfectly shaped. Packaging with premium as well as precise high-relief embossing is particularly eye-catching thanks to its discreet three-dimensionality and its haptic effect. The printing substrate is shaped with a punching tool which gives it a permanent three-dimensional feel.


Hot foil stamping captivates at the point of sale thanks to its extravagant appearance, which highlights the value of the product and cultivates the brand image. Foil is transferred to the printing substrate using a heated stamping tool. Mainly gold and silver shades are embossed in order to achieve a metallic effect – whether for text, logos or graphic elements. But foils in various shades provide a wide range of design options. Hot foil stamping is also smear-proof, permanent and captivates with its outstanding opacity and luminosity. 

Gold hot foil stamping
Silver hot foil stamping with high-relief embossing


three-dimensional effects bring motion to your packaging.

At the Cast & Cure-Process (cast and dry), an UV-varnish will be printed on the printed sheet by the offset-technology and structured with an holo-effect-foil.

This special foil doesn't stand on the sheet, but it just pushes by contact its fine micro structur in the surface of the varnish, which then show the finished holographical sample.

  • partially 3-dimensional effect
  • a multitude selection if the foil-designs
  • individual motives could be build
  • visible effective security feature at individual motives

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