The food industry is characterised by an extremely dynamic development. Consumers are rapidly changing their eating habits and are highly sensitive to ecological problems. More than 90% of the food products sold in Western Europe are packaged. The interests of producers, retailers and consumers play an equal role in meeting the growing demands of a sustainable packaging policy. There is a demand for trend-conscious food packaging that is easy to handle and profitable.

As an innovative and reliable partner for the food industry, we can react quickly and flexibly to market changes. We understand new conditions as challenges which we work on and solve individually for you. Whether standard packaging, special constructions or special solutions - we offer full service from the idea to the packaged complete solution, smoothly from one source.

To ensure that your food packaging scores at the point of sale with a brilliantly finished packaging design, we also provide comprehensive advice on the selection of the suitable printing substrate and possible finishes. 

Our certified hygiene management BRC "Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials" guarantees you the highest level of safety.

Folding boxes


Food packaging in the form of folding boxes have a diverse number of benefits. Besides the comprehensive protection of products, the folding box offers a large amount of space for imprints, content information, labelling and advertisement.

For our food customers, colordruck folding boxes run reliably and smoothly on extremely rapid preparation and filling lines. 

Folding carton with offset tuck-in flaps ECMA A2120
Folding box with automatic bottom ECMA A6020
Folding box with machine base ECMA A1010

We produce folding boxes in accordance with the ECMA standard.
ECMA Standard

Folding boxes with windows


Windows with internally pasted foils allow your product to be perfectly presented. For a particularly elegant presentation of your food, we provide folding boxes with an extensive range of different windows – even with creasing across corners.

Folding boxes with internal bag


Folding boxes with internal bags are ideally suited for the food industry. With the help of our internal bags, combined with the advantages of a folding box, powder and granules can be perfectly presented at the point of sale. A folding box with internal bag gives you plenty of space for an easily legible product description and your brand message. The internal bag ensures that your product is ideally protected against external influences. The internal bags can also be perforated and glued to the relevant tear tab. This additional convenience allows the contents to be removed much more easily. 

Special designs


Naturally, we also produce special designs according to individual requirements. We look forward to tackling any creative challenge in order to give your food product that extra special presence. We will develop a packaging solution that dovetails to you. 

packaging development

Solutions for bottles


Whether simple mini packaging, practical trays for six-packs or high-quality packaging for sparkling-wine or liqueurs – we produce a wide range of modern packaging solutions for bottles. Cardboard drinks packaging also provides a large amount of space for your advertisement compared to narrow labels or wrappers. 

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