Packaging as a marketing element must meet the highest consumer demands. They must reliably protect products against damage and trigger buying impulses at the point of sale. Originally designed packaging represents a brand's unmistakable message. It must also convey quality, signal safety and arouse emotions.

Whether in sectors such as a the food industry, pharma, confectionery or non-food – as a competent manufacturer of folding boxes and blister cards we are able to provide a wide range of technically advanced packaging solutions with the highest possible quality, functionality and efficiency.

Our Packaging Service makes the difference and is certain to impress. Whether producing small batches or a high-performance, fully-automated packing process on a Schubert packaging line – we offer individuality for your product presentation. Our full service offer gives you the benefit of requiring only one contact partner for both your packaging and packing process, which results in a significant reduction of your administrative expense.

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