Water treatment – Kenya

Water treatment – Kenya

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Water treatment – Kenya

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The problems which climate change brings require entrepreneurial vision. With CO2-compensated packaging you can exhibit exemplary sustainable action and also position yourself as a future-oriented company.

Carbon neutral means that greenhouse gas emissions for packaging have been precisely calculated and counterbalanced with the purchase of emission certificates. By using a ClimatePartner CO2 calculator which has been tested by TÜV Austria and recognised internationally, we are able to determine remaining CO2-emissions for packaging production both order-specifically and for the entire process chain. The calculation complies with the requirements of ISO 16759.

Why do climate protection projects economize greenhouse gases?

Climate protection projects cut down on greenhouse gases because, for example, a wind power station is erected instead of a coal-fired power plant. These savings are tradable in the form of emission reduction certificates. In order to be able to generate these, a climate protection project must fulfil certain requirements; for example, it must produce long-term savings of greenhouse emissions. Since in the long term greenhouse gases spread evenly in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect caused by the gases is a global phenomenon. In accordance with the principle of carbon neutrality it is therefore unimportant where on Earth the emissions are caused or saved. What is much more crucial is that the global concentration of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere is decreased.The market mechanism of emissions trading originates from the Kyoto Protocol and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) defined there. For threshold and developing countries, emissions trading is the major driver for the transfer of clean technologies and sustainably aligned economic development.With CO2-compensated packaging we advise our customers to acquire reputable Gold Standard climate protection certificates. “Gold Standard” ensures that the projects are meaningful both from the point of view of climate protection and also as regards development policy. The Gold Standard is the first independent quality standard for greenhouse gas reduction projects as part of the CDM Clean Development Mechanism.

The additional time and effort for carbon-neutral packaging amounts to approximately 2% of the order value depending on the product specification.

Gold Standard for climate protection projects

The Gold Standard for climate protection projects was developed with the involvement of the WWF and 40 further NGOs (non-governmental organisations). The standard imposes especially strict requirements with regard to sustainable development and involvement of the local population and was originally only applicable to projects in the context of renewable energies, energy efficiency and waste management. The methodology of the Gold Standard was extended by taking over the CarbonFix standard so that land use and forestry projects are also certified in accordance with it.



For compensated packaging orders you receive the “carbon-neutral packaging” label with your individual ID number.



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